To Plant Or Not To Plant?

That is no question. First, it doesn't have a finite verb. Second, the answer is just "to plant." No question was ever really needed!

There's no philosophy behind this blog. Well, not much philosophy. I found others' blogs interesting while I was doing research about what is best to plant indoors, what type of wood is best to use to build a garden plot, plant care, soil to use, all those fun things. So far, those blogs haven't really influenced my choices (I bought the seeds before I did research and the price of the lumber will determine what wood I use), but they were interesting and sparked an intense longing to be out in the heat playing in a field. It doesn't help that I also just finished reading "
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," by Barbara Kingsolver and her crew. It stirred up my love of gardening from my childhood, as well as my burgeoning desire to live within the Earth's means to support me (blame Nova Scotia and reverse culture shock for that one).
But with a two-year waiting lists on the local community gardens here in DC, my best bet is just to make my own. And doing it indoors, well, I won't have to worry about deer, thunderstorms, homeless people eating my eggplant, or any of that. All I'll be concerned with is mould and cockroaches!

So here's a little background: I have been living in DC for about a year and a half in my studio apartment. I have the place stuffed to the gills with furniture, so it'll take a bit of creative rearranging to construct and fit a planter box with 2' by 4' growing space. The plan I have is for a pretty wonky planter that will take up 4 feet 8 inches in length and 2 feet 8 inches in width out of my apartment, but we'll see how much wood I can afford (the less impressive planter, with the same growing area but much less of an apartment hog, also uses a lot less 2x4s and no 4x4s).

Going back even further, when I was four or five years old, on our balcony, I had a planter box; oddly enough, about 2 foot by 4 foot of growing space! I was originally planning on recreating that planter box, but I think it'll be more fun to be more creative with it. But anyway, I planted a ton of vegetables in that thing as a child, growing radishes by the score, lettuce by the half-dozen, cucumber, melon, tomato, carrot, and even tried pumpkin a few times. Broccoli never really enjoyed the planter box, but the others only grew better every year as I tilled their remains back into the soil, enriching it for future generations.

I got away from gardening somehow for, oh, almost 15 years.

But now I'm back in full force. I have two whole flats full of plants I'm going to stick in the "ground" shortly (once I construct said ground).

And here is where I will log my joys, my pains, my overwaterings, and the songs I create to describe in graphic ways what I will be doing to my plants upon their maturity (I will work the word "masticate" in as much as possible).

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2 Responses to To Plant Or Not To Plant?

  1. Lovely idea.
    I used to dream about a lawn in the attic. All that wonderful unsullied fresh grass: no pigeon droppings, no fusarium, no vine weevil larvae.
    Cutting it with nail scissors presumably.

    Compost in the sitting room is a little too advanced for me.Besides, we have almost 2 acres to take care of already.

    Sorry, but I didn't get the 'two whole flats' bit: One to live in yourself and one for plants?

  2. LoL lawn in the attic?

    My favourite lawn is moss. Grass is so... I don't know. I think it's wasting good soil to grow grass on it. But being able to grow and maintain such a monoculture is definitely a feat to behold, I will admit.

    I think the living room composting might be beyond me, too. We'll see.

    And my flats are just trays of plants. Flats are basically anything that hold something (Like those wooden bits with tons of boxes plastic-wrapped on them that people move around with those pitch-fork machines? I think the wooden bits are flats.) Some people here call apartments flats, but generally not.



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