Song Of The Seed

And other fun notes to my plants! This blog started as a handwritten plant journal, chronicling the dates planted, how long things take to germinate, how many seeds successfully germinated, all that statistical stuff. I also write little notes to myself, to my plants...even to the mushrooms.

From 30 January: "I see two germinating spinach seeds!! They will be the first to be eaten."

That one is self-explanatory!

From 6 February: "Soybean is just like 'Ha, winner!' Despite being some of the most recent to sprout, they have the first true leaves. I think they're predeveloped in the seed. Cheaters!"

From 3 February: "I love you my little plants, and I want you to get some chlorophyll before I get home today because you're my turrrrnips and I want to eat you!"

Um... I was singing to my plants, and this is what I came up with. I don't quite remember the original wording (even as I wrote it down the other day, it had slipped from my mind), or even the tune. Soooooo, I recorded myself singing this to different tunes, and it turns out when given free rein, I go for dramatic showtune-style singing that doesn't necessarily rhyme or have even lyrics or anything. It's like speaking and pretending to sing. I am *not* a songstylist in the LEAST, as those who have heard me sing karaoke can attest (BeeBritch, I'm looking at you).

But... At the request of a neighbour, who, for some reason, enjoys my musical talents, I have recorded this and will record all future plant songs for your entertainment. But it won't let me just upload an audio file (or maybe I just can't figure it out), so I had to make a video.


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  1. Dude. I love you and all. but you have wayyyy too much time on your hands.



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