The Legend of the Black Bean Soup

Oooooh I so wish I was a food critic... Here's my inexpert analysis of my first-ever Soupergirl Soup, the Legend of the Black Bean Soup. I took notes as I ate, and then I took an "artistic photo." I added a little wilted sprig of cilantro to give the photo a bit of "flavour."

First, the pita chips. They are quite tasty, but since I had them first... The soup near wiped everything else from my brain.

Upon initial wafting, the cold soup smelled like fresh-cut vegetables. A little like salsa. Excited, I heated it up and then looked at the information sheet. Cilantro, lime juice, habanero pepper, tomato, onion... Salsa smell explained! Excellent!

After heating on the stove, the Legend of the Black Bean Soup smelled hearty and meaty, almost a meatloaf/chili or something similar. First taste, however, is nigh indescribable. My tongue and mouth did that oral-orgasm thing where a lot of saliva is released because the food is so incredibly yummy. The beans were perfectly cooked, none of the flavours were overpowering the others, they all blended exceedingly well together. (This lady is a pro.)

I love the jasmine rice in it. I often add rice to my soups because I like 'em thick, but this one needs nothing else! I tried adding some pita chips, and it actually detracted from the flavour of the soup. The crunch was nice, but the soup must stand alone. All ingredients for one and one soup to rule them all! Or, is that not the phrase...? I might be getting confused.

I had to take a break from eating. TLOTBB Soup is so meaty and fresh-vegetably that I couldn't take it! I... I only ordered one pint. Just one. I was going to just try a spoon of it tonight and eat the rest for lunch tomorrow. I had already had dinner... But I smelled it... I smelled it. And I tasted it. And then I was gone.

Mmm, so for next week I'll order two soups, just to make sure I have lunch for Wednesday.

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One Response to The Legend of the Black Bean Soup

  1. TLOTBB! An acronym _and_ a poetic name, that's good work in itself, but what makes me most impressed is the fact that the soup lives up to its name. Ever since I was served "the ultimate chocolate experience" on the plane home from China, and it turned out to be a Dove mini milkchocolate bar I've been a bit weary of food names that make big promises. (I still keep that bar in the fridge...)



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