I'm Getting Some Long, Hard Wood!

Or, I will. Tonight.

Wait, this is a family-friendly blog!

Hehe. It still is... I'm getting my 2x4s and 4x4s tonight, along with my 280 pounds of soil and 100 pounds of gravel. (Anyone else worried about the floor being able to hold up 400+ pounds of wood, soil, rocks, and plants? My building has a lot of concrete, but it is from the 40s/50s, I dunno...)

I sprayed the plants last night with Neem spray. It's 25% potassium salts of oil from the neem tree, 75% "inactive ingredients." I will read the ingredients list later to see what that "inactive ingredients" means. There was a fly hopping around on the soil this morning, but I didn't expect an immediate kill. Besides, in the next few days I'll be transplanting, and then I'll spray again (I know the instructions said once every few weeks, but I want to also make sure the new soil doesn't contain any fungus gnat larvae). Well, actually, I won't spray, because my bottle doesn't do a spray, it jets and effs up the soil a lot. I'll just mix it in the spray bottle and pour. Ingenious!

I also bought carrots, parsley, sage, thyme, ...OMG my favourite song about adultery is on my favourite German radio station! That's Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me" on RPR1, Rheinland-Pfalz Radio 1. I used to live in that region, and I love this station, so I listen to its webcast. This song always reminds me of my mother... I also bought cilantro, and... I don't remember, I was in a euphoric haze of glorious plant shopping. I will sow them later, after I build the garden (definitely not doing my homework tonight!).


My coworker Sue just walked in (she is the one who told me "You really need to get a life" when I told her that I wrote a song to my soybeans) and I showed her this blog. She said I need more hobbies. Different hobbies. That I'm getting too excited about food.

You can never be too excited about food! Food is what keeps you going. Food is something you have to put in your mouth tons of times each day, every day. I would rather be excited about doing something that you have to do every day than excited about something you only get to do once a year. My life is never dull as long as there is food in it, because food makes me happy, food makes me excited, and food makes me enjoy life. There is always a new adventure, a new flavour, a new recipe; there is no end to the ways that food can be prepared, or even eaten (chopsticks, anyone?).

Food... You are my life, and because of you, I can live. You may be what you eat, but you also feel how you feel about what you eat. If you eat shit, you are shit; if you don't like shit, you don't like yourself. It's hard to be happy when most of your day is spent hating the most fundamental part of life: eating. And not caring about what you shove down your tube is almost worse; getting so far removed from that life-giving ritual... We are animals. We need to eat. If you only think about it as a survival tactic and just put calories in your mouth, no matter what they are... That's so unromantic. I prefer to put art in my mouth, I prefer to create and savour what I eat, and I prefer to live as much as possible through my mouth.

Hm. Maybe I do need more hobbies. But I love food, I love putting it in my mouth and enjoying it, and I love growing it. There are so many hobbies that revolve around food: cooking, baking, preserving (canning, drying, freezing), hosting dinner parties, shopping, gardening, even blogging! And each of those hobbies are diverse in and of themselves! I can't think of a more prolific hobby to have than the hobby of food!

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