I Caved

I made some roasted chickpeas two nights ago, but I had had to soak the chickpeas overnight first (I buy dry organic beans from Yes! Organic Market on Columbia Road, about a mile from my apartment). So after I hydrated, seasoned, and roasted my chickpeas, I immediately didn't do the dishes.

Last night, after doing the dishes (so I could cook and make them dirty again), I found three chickpeas in the sink. They had decided to germinate while sitting in a bowl full of water (or maybe they were in the drain, I'm not certain, I found them only after doing all the dishes). I must have dropped them in there the previous night, when I rinsed and initiated the soaking of the chickpeas.

I planted them next to the Cheyenne Bush pumpkins forthwith and then dug through my cabinets to get all my other dried beans out: lentils, black beans, kidney beans, and navy beans. They are soaking in a little dish of water right now.

I know I said I was done with what will be in my garden... But who can resist viny tendrils of bean love? And these are the items of food I truly eat on an incredibly regular basis. Just toss some in water spiced with wasabi and crushed red pepper flakes and it's a meal! (Some coworkers and friends might argue that statement, but we all know they're crazy.)

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