Here's The Philosophy...!

I realize that most bloggers don't post three times upon first starting a blog, especially such utterly long posts, but I have faith in my gentle viewers.

My gardening philosophy... There are so many different ways, reasons, and philosophies about gardening... I'm just not even going to get into that! My thoughts are my own, I will share them, and I hope to learn as I go, but I am by no means pretending to be an expert on anything I say here. My intent, my reasons, my desire to garden, it all stems from one thing: I like food. I don't really want to rant (I say an hour into my rant, which I deigned not to include in this post). Suffice to say, I like my food to be food. I like it not to be full of unnecessary chemicals, nor have used unnecessary energy for storage or travel when perfectly good food is in season and available locally (even in the winter!).

Gardening is, obviously, a thousands-of-years-old hobby. Or, rather, a necessity. For me it's a hobby, not an all-or-nothing endeavour in an attempt to grow all my own food. I just like growing plants, but I'm doing it on a scale I haven't done without a backyard, so it's also an adventure.

I plan on leaving the growing to the professionals, definitely. But my choice of which pros to go to for my consumption is changing. My Indoor Garden is part of it. Getting to know the local producers is another part. Learning about others' experiences is a part I hope to gain as the Indoor Garden(er).

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