Fine, Be That Way!

I have fungus gnats.

I'm going to the store tonight to buy some sort of ged-rid-of-flies solution. The Internets (tm) say that fungus gnats aren't really a big problem, just a nuisance to the inhabitants who care for their houseplants. They are a sign of overwatering and/or more serious problems (my plants, dying? Maybe! Damn.).

Unhappy face!

On a brighter note, I'm getting my wood, soil, and gravel tomorrow night. So, in the next day or so, I can likely transplant (if I bought enough soil! I think I have 14 cubic feet; I have 7 40-pound bags on the way. That's 280 pounds of soil. Oh my effing gods. Hallelujah.).

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One Response to Fine, Be That Way!

  1. I am sure this has been fixed but fungus gnats are a big problem with soils like miracle grow and other commercial mixes. the larvae are actually in the soil when you buy it and water makes it worse. Cinnamon is the best, natural fix that I have found. None of those chemicals for me! mix cinnamon in with the top layer of potting soil in your plants and after a bit the fungus will die, killing the larvae, thus killing the gnats. I also have a spider on one of my plants in the corner. I let him hang out because he really likes those gnats and im totally happy providing him with his meals. I still have an occasional problem with them but im planning to re-dirt all of my indoor plants soon and i will be looking into different soil as well as a big old cannister of cinnamon.



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